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Grand Golden Cats

Why not surprise the love of your life or a loved one with an affectionate gift? People you love deserve a gift that radiates signs of happiness. The perfect rotary carousel is the two cats on the moon sharing each other's affection.

Joli Golden Reindeer

The Joli category offers various ornaments. One of them is the Joli reindeer. With a hint of gold, by placing the candle in its holder, the heat allows the ornament to spin quickly. Place this lovely product in a darkroom, and you will see the reindeer's prancing shadows on the wall.

What makes Joli different? The shape of the candle is a cylinder. It also adds more lighting on the holder's sides because of the small holes.

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Embrace the Magic.

People typically buy regular tea or candelabras that emanate light—traditional candles standstill without any action or mood enticing effects.

The uniqueness comes with the stories within each of Carrouselle's rotary candle holders.

Are you in the midst of winter looking for a seasonal warming decorative candle holder?

…What about surprising your loved one on Valentine's Day or birthday?

Each ornament tells a different story.

The fiery heat coming from the candle is what creates a beautiful and novel feeling of warmth.

A rare mix of splendor and class will transform your world.

A world filled with loveliness and charm.

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Carrouselle's candle holders help people transform their home's decor into an enticing new world. From symbolizing the winter season to a special occasion, Carrouselle has you covered!